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Burn Information


Forest, trees, and fog

The best way to find out is to call (541) 776-7007 just before you light you barrels or piles. The conditions may change during the day that may cause a change in the burn day status. and remember,  THERE IS NO BURNING DURING FIRE SEASON!

Open and Barrel Burning

Open/barrel burning contributes to air pollution in the Rogue Valley, particularly during air stagnation episodes. Before open/barrel burning, please consider Alternatives to Open Burning. If you decide to burn, it is important to follow the proper guidelines.

Open/barrel burning is prohibited...

  • Throughout Jackson County when the Ventilation Index (VI)* is inadequate or when there are fire danger risks (e.g.,high winds).
  • Within the Air Quality Maintenance Area during November, December, January and February.
  • Within the city limits of Medford, Jacksonville, Phoenix, and Talent.

*The"Ventilaton Index" I is the National Weather Service's indicator of the relative degree of air circulation for a specified area and time period. Basically, it is a measurement of the air's ability to "clean" itself.
Steps to Successful Open/Barrel Burning

  • 1. Determine if you live inside or ouside the The Air Quality Maintenance Area (AQMA). The AQMA boundary is the same as the Department of Environmental Quality's Inspection and Maintenance Boundary (I&M Boundary). If you have to take your vehicle to the I&M Station, you're in the AQMA. See Map of the AQMA.
  • 2. Contact the appropriate Fire Protection Agency to obtain a burn permit. Follow permit requirements. If you don't know which fire district you live in, please, see Map of Fire Districts.
  • 3. If you are inside a city, call the appropriate city number.
  • 4. Call the open/barrel burn advisory at 541-776-7007 to hear the daily burn status.

Burning of the following are prohibited at all times:
Household garbage, plastic, wire insulation, automobile parts, asphalt, petroleum products or treated materials, rubber, asbestos, animal remains, animal or vegetable matter resulting from the handling, preparation, cooking or service of food, any material which emits dense smoke or noxious odors.

To report an Illegal Burn, Please Call 1-(888)-997-7888 or fill out the following complaint form for Jackson County Environmental Health:

Report an Illegal Burn to Jackson County Environmental Health

Burn Permit

You can download a blank copy of an Evans Valley Fire District Burn Permit at