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Volunteer of the Month - April 2021 -  Bryce

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Congratulations Bryce!







A thank you to a pioneer of the fire district...

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As we continue to grow and change to fit the needs of our community. It's essential to acknowledge those who paved the way, and laid a solid foundation for us. So we extend our thanks to a guy who we know as "Bob the Webmaster."  In the early 2000s he took on the challenge of propelling us into the digital age by spending countless hours writing html code to produce the previous generation website that stood for 15-20 years as our digital information center. He is also largely responsible for the great photos that adorned it. At all hours of the day and night he would rise to a pager like the responders, show up to trainings, meetings, and hunt down the elusive members who were camera shy, and make sure these moments were captured so their stories could be told. 

Bob, you’ve made an immeasurable impact connecting the fire district and the community we cannot give enough thanks for your efforts over the last 20 years!