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Fire District Financing and Budgeting

Evans Valley Fire District is tax based special district providing fire, EMS, and rescue response to the community of Wimer. The fire district has a base tax rate of $1.29 per $1,000 assessed value of the property and a 5-year tax levy for an additional $0.36 per $1,000 assessed value that provides invaluable resources such as college students helping to provide services and supplementing the increased costs in supplies, capital assets, and equipment. 

Below are PDF copies of EVFD adopted budgets. 

Master EVFD Budget 2021-2022.pdfMaster EVFD Budget 2020-2021.pdfMaster EVFD Budget 2019-2020.pdfMaster EVFD Budget 2018-2019.pdfMaster EVFD Budget 2017-2018.pdfMaster EVFD Budget 2016-2017.pdfMaster EVFD Budget 2015-2016.pdfMaster EVFD Budget 2014-2015.pdfMaster EVFD Budget 2012-2013.pdfMaster EVFD Budget 2011-2012.pdfMaster EVFD Budget 2010-2011.pdfMaster EVFD Budget 2009-2010.pdfMaster EVFD Budget 2008-2009.pdfMaster EVFD Budget 2007-2008.pdfMaster EVFD Budget 2006-2007.pdfMaster EVFD Budget 2005-2006.pdfMaster EVFD Budget 2004-2005.pdf