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      "Become a Student Firefighter"
   The District:
    Evans Valley Fire District is located seven miles north of the city of Rogue River serving 4,500 patrons from one fire station with two paid staff and several volunteers.
   The Position:
    The Fire District is recruiting college level students. Student Firefighters respond to emergency situations where life, property or the environment is at risk. The position works under supervision from District staff and may operate emergency vehicles and perform various other duties as assigned.
   Work Schedule:
    48 hours shifts. Average of 5 shifts a month on a rotational schedule. Schedule is flexible around student's educational needs.
   Minimum Qualifications:
    18 years of age
    Valid Oregon Drivers License.
    Preference for candidates having fire suppression experience.
    Preference for candidates possessing any level EMT certification.
    Students must enroll in a minimum of six credits.
   To Apply:
    Complete Fire District application with resume and certificates must be into the business office at 8677 E. Evans Creek Road, Rogue River, Oregon 97537. An application may be obtained by calling the District at 541-582-0678, in person or from the District website, www.evfire.org.

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Evans Valley Fire District #6
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