Become A Firefighter/Medic

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Become a Firefighter/Medic

There is a lot of information you need and a lot of steps you need to complete before you can become a full-fledged Evans Valley Volunteer Fire Fighter.
     Please, don't be discouraged. We'll be there every step of the way to help and guide you through the (sometimes) difficult process.
     Before, jumping right in to the seemingly glamorous profession of fire fighter, you might want to take a brief look at our Training Page, our Training Photo Gallery and our News Photo Gallery to get a better idea of what you'll be doing
     As our site is still new, there is still a lot of information being added, photos being taken and added and other areas being researched and added (As well as mistakes being found and fixed).

     About the best way to get all the information you'll need and all your questions answered would be to contact our office at 582-0678 or info@evfire.org, get an application and schedule an interview.
     We will be adding more and more information on the process to this area of the website as quickly as we can - so please, check back.

     PDF Information Documents*:
          "Steps to Becoming an EVFD #6 Volunteer Fire Fighter" = "HTML" version

     We sincerely "Thank You" for your interest and commitment in becoming one of Evans Valley Finest!

*: You can view PDF Documents online or download to your computer but you'll need the free Adobe Reader from Adobe.com.

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