Every Tuesday night with the exception of holidays, the fire department has weekly Fire and EMS training to keep up with state training hour requirements.

Examples of our Training Exercises:

     AED/SAED Evaluation
     Apparatus Familiarization
     Bump & Run
     Burn to Learn
     Child birthing
     Circulation Lab
     Compressor Training
     Diving Accidents
     Electrical & Mechanical Fire Causes & Determination
     Fire Shelters
     Flue Fires
     FR Evaluation Skills: Airway
     FR Well Being
     Infants & Children
     Intro to EMS
     Low Angle Rescue
     Medical Drill
     Medical Emergencies
     Medical Scene Operations
     Mobile Home Ventilation
     Multi Story Rescue Operations
     MVC Patient Considerations
     Legal & Ethics
     Lifting & Moving Patients
     OSHA Accident Investigation
     Patient Assessment:
          Blood Pressure
          History Taking
     PHCR Writing
     Portable Extinguishment Systems
     Progressive Hoselays
     Rollover Extrication
     Rope Practice
     Salvage & Overhaul
     SCBA Maintenance
     Search & Rescue:
          Confined Spaces
     Soft Tissue Injuries
     Structural Triage
     Target Hazard Evolution
     Wildland Evolution
     Wildland Hose Packs

Photo Gallery:

     We have a PHOTO GALLERY of some of our training exercises that you might want to look through.

Training Videos:

     Started in April 2010, we started putting Training Videos on our website. These are videos from other agencies that we're making easily accessible and viewable to our staff & volunteers to augment and assist in their training.