Future E.V.F.D. Volunteer
     With Evans Valley Fire District being a rural fire department, we rely heavily on our wonderful volunteers.
     If you're interested in volunteering, we have more information in the areas you might consider volunteering in through the links in the list below.
     Please, don't be at all discouraged if we don't cover your area of expertise. You can always contact us at and we'll do our best to help all energetic volunteers find a way to help us or contact the E.V.F.D. Auxiliary, they're always looking for volunteers!

Some Of Our Volunteer Areas:

     Fire Fighters
     Our Auxiliary
     Web Design/Webmaster
     Other Volunteers

     Now you can download a copy of the application = Evans Valley Fire District #6 Volunteer Firefighter Application

Volunteer Program Outline & Frequently Asked Questions:

     Volunteer Program & FAQ
EVFD Volunteer Professions
     So you'd like to become an EVFD Volunteer, but you think it will interfere with your regular profession. Just look at some of the professions our present volunteers have!

     911 Dispatcher
     Aggregate Loader Operator
     Apprentice Electrician
     Building Contractor
     Cabinet & Door Installer
     College Student
     Emergency Room Technician
     Excavation Contractor
     Grocery Clerk
     High School Student
     Loan Officer
     ODF Summer Employee
     Retail Grocery Store Owner
     Retired Electrical Lineman
     Security Company Employee
     UPS Employee

A Picture of What It's Like to Volunteer in the Fire Service:

     "Nature of the Business"