Medical Calls: Two thirds of our alarms are for medical aid of some sort. We handle everything from heart attacks to car crashes to allergic reactions. We'll even respond to non-emergent calls for help such as getting a fall victim back up. There is no charge from Evans Valley Fire for any of its services. If a patient needs to be transported to a hospital, Rogue River Fire District handles the transport and offers Fire-Med ambulance insurance at very resonable rates.

     Wildland (brush and grass) Fires: Three brush trucks are available to resond to all wildland fires within our District as well as mutual aid to Oregon Department of Forestry and neighboring fire districts. One or two tenders (water tank trucks) also roll if there's any possibility of need for additional water.

     Structure Fires: The District maintains two engines equiped for structural firefighting plus two tenders for water supply. Mutual Aid agreements with the Rogue River Rural Fire Protection District call for one of their engines to go to the scene on all structure alarms. Additional help from other agencies will be called for with additional alarms.

     Hazardous Materials: All of our firefighters are trained in Haz Mat Awareness and most are trained in Haz Mat Operations. Look for the Region 8 Haz Mat Team to respond to larger incidents.


     Free loan out of chimney brushes: If you have a woodstove, you should clean the chimney out at least twice a year. The Evans Valley Fire Department has chimney brushes available for you to use. Just call up, (582-0678), to reserve the brushes or just stop by to see if they are available and pick them up. We have all sizes of brushes.

     Blood pressure checks: Just come on by the fire station at 8677 E. Evans Creek Rd. for a blood pressure check. If you doctor has you on some new medications, diet or you are just curious what your blood pressure is, just stop on by - we are always glad to help.

     Reflective address signs: It is very difficult to find someone who calls 911 if their address is not marked or poorly displayed do to age or size of the numbers. While you may never think your house would burn down, you, or a loved one, may have to call 911 for a medical emergency such as a heart attack or a stroke - the type of emergencies where seconds can mean the difference between life and death. You may have seen the red refelective address signs from the fire department on your neighbors driveway, but do you have one? Is it easy to see at night or when wet from rain? If you would like an address sign, just stop by the Evans Valley Fire District to pick one up. If you are unable to install the sign yourself, one of our volunteers would be more than happy to put it up for you.

     Smoke Detector testing and free battery replacement.
     Wildfire safety inspections: How safe is your home from threat of a wild fire? Have an expert check it out. Also, the Fire District loans out videos on wild land fire safety.

     CPR classes: American Heart Associations' Friends and Family course and Healthcare Provider.