Protecting your Home Against Wildfires!

In Oregon, summer can mean dry vegetation that creates high risk for wildfires. You can use these 10 steps for Wildfire Defense now to prepare and maintain your property throughout the dry season:
      1. Define your defensible space – Maintain 30 feet of fire resistive area around your house.
      2. Reduce flammable vegetation – Ask your local garden center about fire-resistive plants.
      3. Remove or prune trees – Prune low hanging branches to keep a ground fire from climbing to upper branches.
      4. Cut grass and weeds regularly – Keep grassess mowed and other vegetation low to the ground.
      5. Relocate wood piles and leftover building materials – Stack all wood and other burnable materials at least 30 feet away from your home.
      6. Keep it clean – Your roof and yard, we mean!
      7. Signs, addresses and access – Have easy to read address signs for firefighters to find you quickly.
      8. Rate your roof – If you have a wood shake roof, consider having it replaced.
      9. Recycle yard debris and branches – Take your yard debris to the Negus Transfer Station for a small fee or come on the free weekend.
     10. What to do when wildfire strikes – Listen to local radio and television stations for reports and evacuation procedures.