Fire Escape Plan Information

Every family should have a HOME ESCAPE PLAN to get out of a fire alive.

Here are some easy steps for you to follow in making the plan:
     Draw a simple floor plan. You may use plain paper or graph paper.
     Identify at least two ways out of each room. (If you live in a multi- level home make sure you have fire escape ladders).
     Make sure windows and doors can be opened easily by everyone.
     Have a place to meet away from your home. NEVER GO BACK IN! Once you are out, stay out.
     Call 9-1-1.
     Practice your plan.
Remember working smoke detectors double your chances of surviving a fire!
     Clean your smoke alarms by dusting or vacuuming.
     Test your smoke alarms once a week.
     Change your clock – change your batteries in your smoke alarms. (Unless you have the new smoke alarms with a 10 year battery).